What’s a Certified Nursing Assistant?

The primary responsibility of a certified nursing assistant (CNA) is to give basic care to patients and assist them with everyday routines such as bathing and dressing that they may find difficult on their own. Working as a CNA also necessitates physical stamina and a desire to assist weak, lonely people and others suffering from disease and illness.

This role might suit you if you’re a sensitive person who enjoys assisting others. Certified nursing assistants must be able to listen to patients’ issues and ask questions to determine what they require. A CNA is often the primary caregiver for a patient in a nursing or long-term care facility. The ability to form personal ties with patients and positively impact their lives can make this a very gratifying vocation.

Medical technology, like billing software, health information software, and medical record charting software, is also used by CNAs. Depending on your degree of training, experience, and state requirements, you may also be responsible for providing drugs to patients or completing other specialized activities.

“A CNA sees and does everything. According to Brooke Phulesar, community liaison for Visiting Angels, Eastern Shore, in Easton, Maryland, and vice president of the Mid-Shore Nursing Assistant Advisory Council, “in-home care, a CNA is almost an extension of the care recipient’s family, providing companion care as well as personal hygiene care.” “CNAs at facilities and hospitals have similar responsibilities, but their jobs are usually more focused so they can care for several people promptly. On the other hand, personal care and interaction are a requirement of the job.”

What Kind of Work Does a CNA Do?

On the front lines of patient care, a CNA works under the supervision of a registered nurse (RN) or a licensed practical nurse (LPN). Because it is their role to report all patient problems and difficulties to their supervisor, they should have excellent communication skills.

The Type of Patient will depend on Where You Work

CNAs serve patients of all ages and capacities. The types of patients you help will be determined by where you work and any specialized talents you’ve acquired. For example, certified nursing assistants frequently work in nursing homes or private residences with elderly or disabled patients.

Certified nursing assistants are more likely to support a broad patient population with various requirements in hospitals. Their patients could be young or old, and they are almost certainly recovering from an illness or surgery.

While a CNA’s primary responsibility is to address a patient’s fundamental requirements, you may also be responsible for various additional tasks. These will vary depending on a patient’s medical condition, the demands of your workplace, and the type of treatment you’re allowed to provide.

Assisting patients with day-to-day activities (ADLs)

CNAs are generally in charge of assisting patients with activities of daily living (ADLs), such as bathing, grooming, toileting, eating, and movement.

Serving meals and assisting patients with their eating

Shopping for groceries, cooking meals, and, depending on the circumstances, assistance with eating can all ensure that patients obtain adequate nourishment.

Providing friendship and camaraderie

Because you’ll be spending so much time with a patient, you’ll frequently be called upon to show compassion and comfort to lonely, frustrated, or afraid folks.

Patient lifting and movement

When patients cannot move into beds, wheelchairs, or exam tables, CNAs must be able to assist them securely. This may entail shifting or repositioning bedridden people for comfort and to prevent bedsores.

Vital signs are taken.

CNAs frequently take a patient’s blood pressure, pulse, and temperature, then record and submit their findings to a supervisor to see whether further action is required.

Maintaining a sanitary and clean atmosphere.

This may include changing soiled linens, cleaning up spills, changing bedpans, putting up equipment, and preventing the spread of germs and infection in the patient’s living area, depending on daily needs.

Streamlining patient care

The daily direct contact you have with a patient also allows you to spot bruises, blood in the urine, and other ailments, which you can report to medical personnel who can begin treatment.

Keeping in touch with the medical team and family members

Whether you work in a hospital or a private home, you liaison between patients, nurses, and physicians, ensuring that all patient concerns are addressed. If you work in-home care, you may interact with and converse with family members involved in your patient’s care.

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